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A Conflict of Interests With Murderous Intent (Ebook)

  • Sean Maple, (aut.)
  • (25/07/2021)
  • Sprache: Ingl├ęs
  • ISBN: EB9783991071402
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  • 10,99€ 10,44€ 

Formato: Epub Marca de agua digital

Picking on Terry Driscoll became Justin Simms and his gang's regular sport, it had been such a success the first time. They had seized the unsuspecting youngster, punched and kicked him unmercifully, and tried to force his head into the toilet pan while they flushed it. He had fought with a vigour that surprised them but in so doing he had only prolonged his own discomfort, thus increasing the delight of his tormentors. Terry, his mum Maureen and Naomi are kidnapped and fear for their lives as the Simms seek revenge for the death of Justin and the incarceration for life of their brutal father Arthur Simms, for the murder of a young police officer. Will the Simms siblings' cruelty and murderous intentions be the end of Terry, his mum and Naomi or will they be saved before it is too late?



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