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A contested west : new readings of place in western american literature

  • Martin Simonson (ed.lit.) ; David Rio (ed.lit.) ; Amaia Ibarraran (ed.lit.), (aut.)
  • PortalEditions, S. L.
  • 1ª ed., 1ª imp.(2013)
  • 258 seiten
  • ISBN: 8493970581 ISBN-13: 9788493970581
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  • 19,9€ 18,9€ 

Colección: The American Literary West

As the title of the present book implies, this collection of essays is conceived of as a critical response to mainstream views of the American West. This third volume in the PortalEducation series The American Literary West discloses some of the many - and intriguingly different - accounts of the complex relationships between the West as a physical reality, on the one hand, and human inhabitation and interpretation of this territory, on the other. The subject, while far from new, is also far from being exhausted. In fact, it can never be, because the American West - as any other place - is a perpetual work in progress which is undergoing constant revisions. Thus, the essays of the present volume attempt to illuminate some of these new spots on the ever evolving map of the West, providing fresh perspectives on the struggle to penetrate the veil imposed by traditional accounts, and the urge to comprehend and to portray in writing a number of unique areas that have hitherto been invisible to the vast majority. The project of the writers under study is not only to produce literary archaeology, but first and foremost to offer new interpretations of old histories in a multi-faceted and changing contemporary reality.



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