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ActionScript for Flash MX: The Definitive Guide

  • Colin Moock, (aut.)
  • 2(01/2003)
  • 1040 seiten
  • ISBN: 059600396X ISBN-13: 9780596003968
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Updated to cover Flash MX, the newest version of Macromedia
Flash, ActionScript for Flash MX: The Definitive Guide,
Second Edition is the one book no serious Flash developer
should be without.

ActionScript is Macromedia's programming language for Flash
MX, the popular authoring tool for creating rich internet
applications and animations for the Web. With Macromedia's
new focus on application development, ActionScript now
includes a direct drawing API, loading of external MP3 and
JPG files, improved sound control, an extensive set of text
formatting tools, complete support for component development
using movie clip subclasses, local data storage,
accessibility features, and much more. And ActionScript for
Flash MX: The Definitive Guide is the most complete,
up-to-date reference available for the latest version of
this language.

Author Colin Moock, one of the most universally respected
developers in the Flash community, has added hundreds of new
code examples to show new Flash MX techniques in the real
world: how to draw circles, save data to disk, convert
arrays to onscreen tables, create reusable components, and
preload variables, XML, and sounds. The book's language
reference alone has nearly doubled from the first edition,
with more than 250 new classes, objects, methods, and
properties. You'll find exhaustive coverage of dozens of
undocumented, under-documented, and mis-documented features.

Along with the new material, Colin Moock has meticulously
revised the entire text to conform to Flash MX best-coding
practices. In particular, objected-oriented programming and
the new event model get special attention in light of
changes to Flash MX ActionScript. From sending data between
two movies to creating getter/setter properties, the new
edition of this book demystifies the often-confusing new
features of Flash MX, giving developers easy access to its
powerful new capabilities.

ActionScript for Flash MX: The Definitive Guide is
structured so non-programmers can learn how to use
ActionScript and programmers can take their skills to new
heights. If you are in the market to really learn about the
hows and whys of ActionScript, then this is the book for


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