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Antologia de textos i exercicis per a la filosofia a batxillerat

  • Piñero Subirana, Albert;Rubert Vilar, Pau;Balcells Morell, Mercè;Canet Cabestany, Joan;Comas Noguera, Jordi;Serra Luz, Domènec, (aut.)
  • Documenta Universitaria
  • 3(01/09/2018)
  • 356 seiten
  • ISBN: 8499844480 ISBN-13: 9788499844480
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  • 24€ 22,8€ 

With this updated "Anthology" of texts and exercises we provide teachers with a series of resources that can be useful in dealing with work with philosophical texts in the classroom with a methodology oriented to the University Access Tests of History of philosophy.
What we offer is an anthology of texts from ten basic authors of the history program of the baccalaureate philosophy that includes all the authors of the PAU (2018-2019: Plato, Aristotle, Epicurus, Descartes, Locke, Hume, Kant, Marx, Mill and Nietzsche).
The selection of texts by each author aims to give a complete vision and follows a logical sequence of the author's exposure. Each text is accompanied by a series of didactic proposals that are repeated sequentially and which aim to consolidate the competences that have to do with philosophical reading, writing, reflection and argumentation.
The icons that accompany the exercises serve to visualize the connection between the competencies that are being worked on and the corresponding questions of the current University Access Test.



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