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Artemis the Brave

  • Holub, Joan, (aut.)
  • Aladdin Paperbacks
  • Sprache: Ingl├ęs
  • ISBN: 144246139X ISBN-13: 9781442461390
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  • 16,84€ 16€ 

Goddess Girl Artemis confronts her fears--and faces her first crush!

Artemis is known for being the most courageous girl at Mount Olympus Academy. Little do her friends and classmates know that, even though she's fearlessly awesome at archery, the creatures they learn about in Beast-ology class--such as the ring-nosed Minotaurs and scorpions--scare her as much as they frighten everyone else!

But what is scaring her even more are her growing feelings for Orion: She's never had a crush before! Will she find the courage to talk to Orion and ace her Beast-ology class?


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