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  • Clemen, Gina D. B., (aut.)
  • (01/01/2001)
  • 127 seiten
  • ISBN: 8877546182 ISBN-13: 9788877546180
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  • 14,85€ 14,11€ 

A stimulating cross-curricular approach to British history and art. Signiticant events in the history of Britain are described simply and clearly. Each chapter is lavishly illustrated with works of art which cast light on periods, events and characters. Perceptive commentaries describe the works of art, and place each in its cultural context. What do Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt have in common ? Where does the language of the Celts survive today ? Why did the Romans build a wall across northern Britain ? Where can you find a castle in the shape of a rose ? How did a " tea party " lead to a revolution ? When was the word `teenager' invented ? The answers to these questions and many more can be found in this book, which both students and teachers will enjoy. Our dedicated website supports this book, and provides links to other websites on British history and art. Internet activities provided both in the book and on our dedicated website. Magniticent full-colour illustrations throughout. Historical sections recorded in full and accompanied by listening activities. PET-style exercises after each chapter, and PET-style exit test at end of book.


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