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  • JOSEP ALMIRALL, (aut.)
  • Triangle Postals, S.L.
  • 1ª ed., 1ª imp.(15/04/2011)
  • 240 seiten; 16x16 cm
  • Sprache: Alem├ín
  • ISBN: 8484784754 ISBN-13: 9788484784753
  • Bindung: Rústica
  • Lieferzeit zwischen 20 und 25 Werktagen,  * Zahlung per Kreditkarte.
  • 12€ 11,4€ 

Castells (castles) are human towers built in Catalonia where men, women and children alike participate. These towers may reach a height of up to ten storeys and, since 2010, are Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. Castells. Touching the sky with the hand presents us a fun and rigorous explanation of the keys to understand and enjoy these ephemeral and fantastic constructions which, besides being an expression of the Catalan cultural identity, are also a metaphor and reality of brotherly work and of the sense of continuity within the community.


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