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Colega 2. Teacher"s book

  • González Hortelano, Elena; Hortelano Ortega, María Luisa, (aut.)
  • Edelsa Grupo Didascalia
  • 1ª ed., 1ª imp.(06/09/2010)
  • 80 seiten; 28x21 cm
  • Sprache: EspaƱol
  • ISBN: 847711675X ISBN-13: 9788477116752
  • Bindung: Rústica
  • Lieferzeit zwischen 20 und 25 Werktagen,  * Zahlung per Kreditkarte.
  • 12,7€ 12,06€ 

Additional digital content
Free additional digital content (flashcards, story cards.) is available from our website to work in the classroom with Colega Sala de profesores
The teacher's book includes the following sections:
Introduction which provides the methodological guidelines for teaching Spanish to children, and the main characteristics of Colegamethodology.
Resources required to work on all the activities.
Detailed scheme of work for each unit.
Lesson plans containing step by step guides for use with the text book, exercise book, CD and other complimentary resources.
Bank of ideas with further fun ideas to practise in the classroom.


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