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Disciplina con amor en el aula

  • Barocio, Rosa, (aut.)
  • Pax México
  • (01/11/2014)
  • 108 seiten
  • ISBN: 6079346222 ISBN-13: 9786079346225
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  • 19€ 18,05€ 

What happened to students who used to respect and admire their teachers? What does it mean to be a good teacher? Do they come prepared every day? Are they popular with the students? Being a good teacher has never been easy, but in this day and age, teaching has become an even greater challenge. Anyone can stand in front of a group of students and call themselves a teacher, but only a handful merit the name. To be a teacher in its entirety is a privilege that you earn through assisting your students' growth while helping them apply themselves. Our society urges teachers to be flexible, open, and interested in a world with rapidly changing technology and how it is applied in the classroom. Rosa Barocio, with practical advice and a sense of humor, dedicates this book to teachers invested in revamping their teaching styles and not settling to be a great teacher, but an extraordinary one. They understand the responsibility they hold and that since their students look up to them, it?s their job to inspire them.


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