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Exportwege neu 1 - Kursbuch

  • Volgnandt, Gabriele; Volgnandt, Dieter, (aut.)
  • Schubert Verlag e.K.
  • 208 seiten
  • ISBN: 3941323008 ISBN-13: 9783941323001
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Exportwege neu 1 is aimed at students with little or no knowledge of the German language to help them prepare for business-related studies in German. Comprised of a course book (208 p.), with two accompanying CDs for pronunciation and comprehension, and a workbook (102 p.). The ten chapters of the course book are divided into three main sections: subjects and situations, grammar, and exercises. The workbook contains additional exercises, a glossary, solutions to the exercises from the text and workbook, as well as transcriptions of spoken texts found on the audio CDs.



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