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  • L.L. Ash, (aut.)
  • Independently published
  • (02/2020)
  • 321 seiten
  • Sprache: Ingl├ęs
  • ISBN: 1671757203 ISBN-13: 9781671757202
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I finally had my baby girl back home, but she came with a little baggage in the shape of her best friend. I could deal with that for some more time with my daughter. Only problem is, Bay's not exactly what I'd expected. I'd been through hell and back with my ex, but even that didn't compare to the turmoil that girl causes me. My stomach aches every time she's in the room with me, and we're drawn like magnets, but she can never be anything to me. Bay is young, vibrant and beautiful, and totally off limits. My daughter's best friend has finally injected some color back into my dull life, and I can't seem to give her up.
It was financial desperation that had me moving in with Georgia's Dad. Her and I had been friends since we were kids, but with her parents long divorced, I'd never met the man. Now, with my boxes unpacked and my backpack ready to start college, I was settling down into a room across the hall from her, and her dad. The man is sin, wrapped in work boots and a blue collar, and I can't help but capture him in the frame of my camera. It was blaspheme to let such perfection go to waste when it could be encapsulated in film forever. But then he became more than a subject, he became my muse. Right or not, accepted or not, I had to have him. And nobody could stop me.
Nobody but HIM


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