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La bruixeta fa bondat

  • Ramon i Pérez, Estrella, (aut.)
  • Filella, Lluís, (il.)
  • Cadí
  • 1ª ed., 2ª imp.(2009)
  • 36 seiten; 12x19 cm
  • Sprache: Catalán
  • ISBN: 8447440338 ISBN-13: 9788447440337
  • Bindung: Rústica
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Brujita (Little witch), with her round face, is very worried because she has to make sure her Mummy and Daddy don?t misbehave. They always ignore the advice she gives them and don?t miss a chance to get up to their tricks? But luckily, Brujita and her friends are around. She always behaves but her parents are complete troublemakers! In the end, her Mum and Dad wake her from her dream and they all go back to being who they are in reality?
This is a tale of a family that play out their roles back to front and the daughter suffers at the hands of the bad behaviour of her naughty parents. A funny story that, at the same time, teaches the younger ones how important it is to behave well and take notice of their parents. It is full of funny details and stories that are parallel to the main action, which is ingeniously represented in its illustrations, which, in turn, help to make it a such an enjoyable book that boys and girls never tire of reading it time and time again.


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