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Landing Page Optimization: The Definitive Guide to Testing and Tuning for Conversions 2nd Edition

  • Ash, Tim; Ginty, Maura; Page, Rich, (aut.)
  • 2(04/2012)
  • ISBN: 0470610123 ISBN-13: 9780470610121
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  • 18,55€ 17,63€ 

A fully updated guide to making your landing pages profitable

Effective Internet marketing requires that you test and optimize your landing pages to maximize exposure and conversion rate. This second edition of a bestselling guide to landing page optimization includes case studies with before-and-after results as well as new information on web site usability. It covers how to prepare all types of content for testing, how to interpret results, recognize the seven common design mistakes, and much more. Included is a gift card for Google AdWords.

  • Features fully updated information and case studies on landing page optimization
  • Shows how to use Google's Website Optimizer tool, what to test and how to prepare your site for testing, the pros and cons of different test strategies, how to interpret results, and common site design mistakes
  • Provides a step-by-step implementation plan and advice on getting support and resources
  • Includes a Google AdWords gift card

Landing Page Optimization, Second Edition is a comprehensive guide to increasing conversions and improving profits.


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