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Life is a Gift

  • Villota Comba, María de, (aut.)
  • Steinhauser, Eric; Dyson, James; Calatayud Bonilla, Luisa, (tr.)
  • Plataforma Editorial S.L.
  • (18/06/2015)
  • 192 seiten; 22x14 cm
  • Sprache: Inglés
  • ISBN: 8416429448 ISBN-13: 9788416429448
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In this book, former Formula One racing driver María de Villota recounts
the 180 degree turn her life took after the fatal accident that happened
during aerodynamic tests conducted with her Formula One team during the
summer of 2012 and which left her with serious injuries. Far from becoming
discouraged, her tenacity and courage proved more powerful than that tragic
event. LIFE IS A GIFT is the moving and passionate testimony of a woman
who refused to give up driving her own life with a firm hand until the end.


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