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  • Freebairn, Ingrid;y otros, (aut.)
  • Pearson Educación
  • (01/07/2010)
  • 112 seiten
  • ISBN: 8498374189 ISBN-13: 9788498374186
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  • 36,73€ 34,9€ 

Bright, innovative, easy-to-use-four-level ESO course reflecting the lives and experiences of modern teenagers. Engaging up-to-the-minute topics, real-life issues and clear structured lessons will help your students to make progress.‘Across cultures’ and CLIL skills lessons develop students’ knowledge of the world beyond the classroom. A variety of supplementary materials will help you to cater for diversity with multilevel photocopiable materials and My Life Essentials A, B; C y D for specific needs. Exercises at two levels and extra practice exercises in the Students’ Book engage fast finishers and support weaker students. My Life Essentials specific books to help all your students follow your classes. Wide range of attractive and easy-to-use offline and online digital Tools and Online, including new Digital Active Workbook with Gradebook, great new Active Teach IWB software and New Test Generator Online for teachers to create their own tests. /mylife


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