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Math Lab for Kids: Fun, Hands-On Activities for Learning with Shapes, Puzzles, and Games

  • Rapoport, Rebecca, (aut.)
  • (03/01/2017)
  • 144 seiten
  • ISBN: 1631592521 ISBN-13: 9781631592522
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  • 23,39€ 22,22€ 

Make math matter! At-home math allows you to motivate unenthusiastic math students in an environment through creativity and understanding that is not always possible in a school setting. Math Lab for Kids provides a fun, engaging, and colorful approach to math games, puzzles, and activities for kids from first through fifth grade. Each chapter introduces a category of activities and interesting math-related puzzles and games to explore. Kids will learn math concepts like probability and geometry along the way. All activity materials can be found right around your house! Make learning math fun with Math Lab for Kids.


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