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  • HAYKIN, (aut.)
  • Prentice Hall
  • (01/12/1997)
  • 842 seiten
  • ISBN: 0139083855 ISBN-13: 9780139083853
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Renowned for its thoroughness and readability, this well-organized and completely up-to-date text remains the most comprehensive treatment of neural networks from an engineering perspective. Thoroughly revised. *NEW-New chapters now cover such areas as: - Support vector machines. - Reinforcement learning/neurodynamic programming. - Dynamically driven recurrent networks. *NEW-End-of-chapter problems revised, improved and expanded in number. Detailed solutions manual to accompany the text. *Extensive, state-of-the-art coverage exposes students to the many facets of neural networks and helps them appreciate the technologys capabilities and potential applications. *Detailed analysis of back-propagation learning and multi-layer perceptrons. *Explores the intricacies of the learning process-an essential component for understanding neural networks. *Considers recurrent networks, such as Hopfield networks, Boltzmann machines, and meanfield theory machines, as well as modular networks, temporal processing, and neurodynamics. *Integrates computer experiments throughout, giving students the opportunity to see how neural networks are designed and perform in practice. *Reinforces key concepts w



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