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NK Cells in Cancer Immunotherapy: Successes and Challenges

  • Anahid Jewett, (aut.)
  • Elsevier Science
  • 1(01/11/2022)
  • 350 seiten
  • ISBN: 012822620X ISBN-13: 9780128226209
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003cp003e003ci003eNK Cells in Cancer Immunotherapy: Successes and Challenges003c/i003e explains the latest immunotherapeutic strategies, focusing on NK cells to allow the best and precise combination treatments to cancer patients. The book provides existing background knowledge in the field of immunotherapy and discusses future areas of research required to carry out cutting-edge, validated therapies. Chapters cover advances in immunotherapeutic strategies, in particular, the use of NK cells with and without T-cell therapy in the treatment of cancer. The book is a valuable resource for cancer researchers, oncologists, graduate students and those interested in learning more about novel strategies to treat cancer patients.003c/p003e 003cp003eImmunotherapy is fast becoming the method of choice for cancer therapy. Although remarkable advances have been made in the field of immunotherapy, there are significant challenges and difficulties ahead since many of the current immunotherapeutic strategies do not provide long-lasting treatment strategies, and therefore are not very effective. 003c/p003e


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