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New Language Leader Advanced Coursebook

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Encuadernación: Rústica
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The Coursebook is divided into 12 units each with relevant sections, such as grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing. Exam practice is embedded at the end of each unit to prepare students for high-stakes tests like IELTS and PTE Academic. Every lesson in New Language Leader has a scenario with a case study and Meet the Expert video or a Study Skills section with skills videos to support students in tertiary education: *"Meet the Expert" aspirational videos with leading professionals in different fields stretch students' ability to understand real-life English. Experts act as role models and inspire students to work harder. *Study Skills videos teach your students how to do their best in academic studies. They give advice on how to better understand lectures, take notes, participate in discussions and give many other useful academic tips. MyEnglishLab is an online platform that helps with vocabulary and grammar practice. It instantly grades student answers and gives them meaningful feedback, saving teachers time and energy. Insightful analytics give teachers the whole picture of each class' performance and help track individual student's performance.


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