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Of Mice and Men

  • Steinbeck, John, (aut.)
  • Penguin Books Ltd (UK)
  • 120 seiten
  • Sprache: Inglés
  • ISBN: 0141023570 ISBN-13: 9780141023571
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  • 9,41€ 8,94€ 

Streetwise George and his big, childlike friend Lennie are drifters, searching for work in the fields and valleys of California. They have nothing except the clothes on their back, and a hope that one day they'll find a place of their own and live the American dream. But dreams come at a price. Gentle giant Lennie doesn't know his own strength, and when they find work at a ranch he gets into trouble with the boss's daughter-in-law. Trouble so bad that even his protector George may not be able to save him.


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