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Problemas resueltos de teoría de sistemas

  • Sanchis Llopis, Roberto, (aut.)
  • Universitat Jaume I. Servei de Comunicació i Publicacions
  • 1ª ed., 1ª imp.(31/01/2002)
  • 298 seiten; 24x17 cm
  • Sprache: EspaƱol
  • ISBN: 8480213574 ISBN-13: 9788480213578
  • Bindung: Rústica
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This work includes a selection of problems about Industrial Engineering"s subject Theory of Systems. The content deals with basic concepts, such as continuous dynamic systems, physic systems and modelling, frequency... Problems are classified according to categories and their respective solution is provided and explained, so it constitutes a support for students and also professors of similar subjects.



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