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SQL Server 2005 Bible

  • Nielsen, Paul, (aut.)
  • (11/2006)
  • 1286 seiten
  • ISBN: 0764542567 ISBN-13: 9780764542565
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  • 44,92€ 42,67€ 

Use this comprehensive tutorial and reference to increase productivity and write stored procedures using the language with which you're most familiar. The revised content covers new features such as XML integration, Web services, the .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR), and security updates, making this book a must for any developer or database administrator transitioning to the new version of SQL Server. You'll learn to develop SQL Server database and data connections, administer SQL Server, and keep databases performing at their peak. In addition, you'll find dozens of specific examples in both a graphical format and as SQL code as well as numerous best practices describing the most effective way to accomplish a given task. A companion Web site provides all of the code examples found in the book.



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