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Schaum"s A-Z Psychology

  • Cardwell, Mike, (aut.)
  • Mcgraw-Hill Publ.Comp.
  • 320 seiten
  • Sprache: Ingl├ęs
  • ISBN: 0071419381 ISBN-13: 9780071419383
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From the bestselling name in study guides comes an indispensable new

resource for serious students

Schaum's A-Z handbooks make excellent complements to course textbooks and test preparation guides. Ideal for ambitious high school seniors--especially AP students--and college freshmen, they feature concise, thoroughly cross-referenced definitions of hundreds of key terms and phrases that help students quickly break through the jargon barrier. Clear explanations of key concepts, supplemented with lucid illustrations, help build mastery of theory and provide a ready reference to supplement class work.

Each entry begins with a clear, one-sentence definition and is followed by an explanation and examples. A-to-Z format for ready reference Clear definitions and explanations, crossreferenced and enhanced with numerous worked examples and illustrations Extended explanations of more important concepts Review lists of entries that relate to main topics in the Appendix aid review



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