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The English Tenses Practical Grammar Guide

  • Phil Williams,Bob Wright, (aut.)
  • Rumian Publishing
  • (17/08/2014)
  • Sprache: Inglés
  • ISBN: 0993180809 ISBN-13: 9780993180804
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  • 23,92€ 22,72€ 

Quickly discover the many uses of the English tenses. How do English speakers use two tenses to mean the same thing? Why do the rules not always apply?

If we can say I cooked dinner and I have cooked dinner in exactly the same situation, how do you choose? And when is it okay to say Im loving it?

This comprehensive guide to the usage patterns of all 12 aspects of the English language covers all the rules and grammatical forms. The English Tenses: Practical Grammar Guide is ideal as either an accompaniment to core texts or as a full self-study guide. It introduces the reader to flexible uses of the English tenses, with simple, easy-to-follow explanations, colourful examples and enlightening comparisons.


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