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The Health Logbook

  • Schmitt, Jenny-Beth; Hennig, Dr. med. Jörg, (aut.)
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  • (24/02/2020)
  • 80 seiten
  • ISBN: 3750440662 ISBN-13: 9783750440661
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Classic car owners can lose track of all data and events related to the vehicle to be cared for.
Maintenance, care, MOT ... fuels, oils and lubricants, tire pressure.
A classic car logbook is different from one for a company car.

Doctors know that not only the classic car should be taken care of, but also the health of the driver.
This is why this logbook is dedicated to the "health" of classic cars and their drivers.

Preventive examinations and medical treatments as well as the movement of the vehicle owner are therefore planned and documented in this log book as well.

The Sports Medical Association of Westphalia supports this idea because"Resting is Rusting" applies to classic cars and their drivers.



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