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Water Loss Control Manual

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With water costs and demand increasing worldwide at an incredibel pace and availability decreasing al an alarming rate, ther has never been a greater need for practical "hands-on" coverage of water auditing and los reduction techniques.

In Water Loss Control Manual, an international expert examines every aspect of water loss and provides simple, effective, testes solutions. This highly visual reference includes coverage of:

*The nature and scope of water loss occurring in water distribution systems
*How to assess loss conditions of any system by using a water audit and computer models to identify losses
*Aow to implement interventions to control real losses
*Mapping tools and techniques
*Leak detection, repair, and response time
*Managing pressures and pressure-related problems
*Pipe rehabilitation and replacement
*How to implement interventions to control apparent losses
*Meter testing, reapir and replacement
*Bylling system analysis and rectification
*Reduction of unauthorized use
*Demand control and water conservation
*How to perform cost-to-benefit calculations
*Field equipment

Ideas and references collected from around the world make Water Loss Control Manul a particularly versatile guide, valuable in a wide variety of situations. Numerous tables, diagrams, charts, graphs, photographs, and basic explanations present information in a quick-read, easy-to-digest format and make the book immediately usable to all readers no matter what their level of expertise.
If you´re looking for a sound nuts-and-bolts manual on eliminating inefficiencies in water distribution systems, your search ends here.



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