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Who"s That Dinosaur? an Animal Guessing Game

  • Balkan, Gabrielle;Brewster, Sam, (aut.)
  • Phaidon Press Limited
  • (25/08/2022)
  • 28 seiten
  • ISBN: 1838665382 ISBN-13: 9781838665388
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003cp003e003cb003eA playful, informative introduction to dinosaurs for the youngest readers, by the team behind the bestselling 003c/b003e003ci003e003cb003eBook of Bones 003c/b003e003c/i003e003c/p003e003cp003eSet up as a guessing game with visual and narrative clues, 003ci003eWho's That Dinosaur?003c/i003e invites readers to examine seven skeletons and guess to whom they belong. The answer is provided in a vibrant, foldout reveal, accompanied by an explanation as to why each dinosaur's body was so special. 003c/p003e003cp003eIt's a humorous, informative introduction to fossils and dinosaur anatomy, where, in a surprise twist, young children learn how birds are modern-day dinosaurs. A fun and informative introduction to the ever-popular topic of dinosaurs. 003c/p003e



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