Spanische Bücher


  • Zechendorf, G. B., (aut.)
  • Europa Ediciones
  • (03/08/2021)
  • 750 seiten
  • ISBN: 9791220110068
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In an imaginary Empire whose king is dying, everyone fears for the fate of the kingdom. The only heir of the Empire is Princess Anila, whose womanhood would not help her climb on the Throne. Without successors, the counts would become sovereigns again, and war for dominance would break out. In Dalday, Nufira decides to leave her village to become a King?s Messenger. She not only discovers a strange world in which rules are not always familiar to her, but she will play a leading role in stabilising the Empire, due to her self-assurance, loyalty and common sense. A triumphant tale of life, showing that true strength and values come from within, regardless of appearance. An extraordinary example of a woman who stepped out of her traditional female role to recover a whole kingdom.



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