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All the Mowgli Stories

  • Kipling, Rudyard, (aut.)
  • (16/05/2017)
  • 272 seiten
  • ISBN: 1509830766 ISBN-13: 9781509830763
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This volume collects together all nine of Kipling?s delightful stories about Mowgli, the feral man-cub whose adventures sat at the heart of The Jungle Book. Raised by wolves under the watchful eyes of the pack leader, Akela, Mowgli is mentored by the cunning panther, Bagheera, and taught the Law of the Jungle by the strict but kindly bear, Baloo. But the jungle is full of dangers and Mowgli must fight to survive. The tiger, Shere Khan, has sworn to kill him, the sinister monkey residents of the Cold Lairs wish to kidnap him, and his home is threatened by the Cobra and the Red Dog. And, ultimately, as an adult, he must return to his own kind; a journey perfectly rendered by Kipling in his first-ever, but little-known, Mowgli story, In the Rukh. This Macmillan Collector?s library edition is beautifully illustrated by Stuart Tresilian and includes an afterword by the editor Marcus Clapham. Designed to appeal to the book lover, the Macmillan Collector's Library is a series of beautifully bound pocket-sized gift editions of much loved classic titles. Bound in real cloth, printed on high quality paper, and featuring ribbon markers and gilt edges, Macmillan Collector's Library are books to love and treasure.


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