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English club. 2 , Activity book

  • Read, Carol., (aut.)
  • Heinemann
  • (1992)
  • 63 seiten
  • Sprache: Ingl├ęs
  • ISBN: 0435286625 ISBN-13: 9780435286620
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Aimed at secondary-school beginners and false beginners, this two-part ELT course consists of an adventure story, a cognitive challenge to students through problem-solving and puzzles and codes, integrated project work, cross-curricular activities, songs and jazz chants, and revision quizzes. At both levels a student's book and teacher's book are accompanied by two cassettes and an activity book which provides reinforcement and practice of language through a wide range of activities. It also contains further listening practice, a word list with phonetic transcriptions, and a personal profile which students complete about themselves as they work through the course. The teacher's books include an introduction to the course and its methodology, detailed lesson notes, ideas for extending activities, language-practice games, guidance on student self-evaluation, and models of self-evaluation sheets. The cassettes offer material for listening activities, songs, jazz chants and rhymes.


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