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From Microphysics to Macrophysics

  • Roger Balian, (aut.)
  • Springer
  • (23/11/2006)
  • Sprache: Ingl├ęs
  • ISBN: 3540454780 ISBN-13: 9783540454786
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  • 101,56€ 96,48€ 

This popular, often cited text returns in a softcover edition to provide a thorough introduction to statistical physics and thermodynamics, and to exhibit the universal chain of ideas leading from the laws of microphysics to the macroscopic behaviour of matter. A wide range of applications illustrates the concepts, and many exercises reinforce understanding. Volume II applies statistical methods to systems governed by quantum effects, in particular to solid state physics, explaining properties due to the crystal structure or to the lattice excitations or to the electrons. The last chapters are devoted to non-equilibrium processes and to kinetic equations, with many applications included.


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