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Oxford Read and Discover 4. Wonders of the Past MP3 Pack

  • Harper, Kathryn, (aut.)
  • Oxford University Press España, S.A.
  • (2016)
  • Sprache: Español
  • ISBN: 0194022129 ISBN-13: 9780194022125
  • Bindung: Tapa blanda
  • Lieferzeit zwischen 20 und 25 Werktagen,  * Zahlung per Kreditkarte.
  • 7,7€ 7,31€ 

Read and discover more about the world ... in English! This level is aimed at confident, Primary-level learners of English and contains 750 headwords.Read and discover all about wonders of the past, all around the world. Where is Chichen Itza? What is the Taj Mahal?


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