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Pathway to Change. A Guide to Personal Transformation

  • Martha R. Bireda, (aut.)
  • (21/03/2007)
  • 240 seiten
  • Sprache: EspaƱol
  • ISBN: 4902837471 ISBN-13: 9784902837476
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Pathway To Change; A Guide to Personal Transformation provides a "path" or blueprint to free the reader from the societal limitations, personal myths, and erroneous beliefs that prevent the full experience and expression of one's personal power. Pathway to Change - · Addresses the four crucial issues that contribute to one's being "stuck" in patterns that are non-productive and self-destructive; a sense of victimization; a sense of powerlessness; the experience of a crisis in values; and spiritual emptiness. · Helps reader to overcome "being a victim". · Helps the reader to understand "the dynamics of power". · Offers an alternative to the value system based on consumerism and materialism. · Provides a way for the reader to re-connect to a sense of purpose. · Creates an awareness of the root causes of the feelings, choices, and behaviors that keep one disempowered. · Provides a system for modifying negative and self-destructive beliefs and values. · Includes exercises for helping one to develop skills in managing emotions, problems solving, decision-making, and life planning. · Provides strategies for applying the cognitive restructuring concepts discussed in the book to one's major life arenas, e.g. personal relationships, employment, etc. · A reader-friendly way to understand how to change one's life from disempowerment to empowerment. In the over 25 years of her professional career, Dr. Bireda has been committed to the empowerment of individuals and groups. From co-dependency counselor to equity consultant, she has facilitated groups, developed curricula, and written about issues of empowerment. Dr. Bireda's previous work and experience with socio/cultural issues, enabled her to develop Pathway to Change, a program that has been remarkable in its ability to transform the lives of the individuals who used it.


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