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The Math Olympian

  • Hoshino, Richard, (aut.)
  • FriesenPress
  • (26/01/2015)
  • 492 seiten
  • Sprache: Ingl├ęs
  • ISBN: 1460258738 ISBN-13: 9781460258736
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  • 36,22€ 34,41€ 

Bethany MacDonald has trained six long years for this moment. She'll try to solve five questions in three hours, for one improbable dream: the dream of representing her country, and becoming a Math Olympian.
As a small-town girl in Nova Scotia bullied for liking numbers more than boys, and lacking the encouragement of her unsupportive single mother who frowns at her daughter's unrealistic ambition, Bethany's road to the International Math Olympiad has been marked by numerous challenges.
Through persistence, perseverance, and the support of innovative mentors who inspire her with a love of learning, Bethany confronts these challenges and develops the creativity and confidence to reach her potential.
In training to become a world-champion "mathlete", Bethany discovers the heart of mathematics - a subject that's not about memorizing formulas, but rather about problem-solving and detecting patterns to uncover truth, as well as learning how to apply the deep and unexpected connections of mathematics to every aspect of her life, including athletics, spirituality, and environmental sustainability.
As Bethany reflects on her long journey and envisions her exciting future, she realizes that she has shattered the misguided stereotype that only boys can excel in math, and discovers a sense of purpose that through mathematics, she can and she will make an extraordinary contribution to society.


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