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  • Rejón Altable, Carlos, (aut.)
  • 20(01/01/2022)
  • 416 seiten; 21,6 x 14,1 cm
  • Sprache: EspaƱol
  • ISBN: 8425447631 ISBN-13: 9788425447631
  • Bindung: Tapa blanda. Con solapas
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This book tells the story of this feeling of own and alien at the same time, from its first figures, Daimon and Genius, through their progressive loss of substance and disappearance of the experience. And also look for ways to make that tension fertile for day-to-day problems. The disease of the soul, the mental illness, the madness, has always traveled hand in hand with a dark knowledge about the multiplicity of affections, ideas and customs that inhabit us without appearing ours. This knowledge pushes us to say, do and feel strange things, sometimes completely alien to our particular mix of desires, opinions, judgments and identities. The awareness of being one and different, different from others, but also different from myself on the inside and still one, is an essential part of dealing with diseases of the soul in the West. Now that the era of the great disjunctions between biology and psychology, pharmacology or psychotherapy, seems finally ready to be closed, the effort to elucidate the way in which the strange that goes with me appears, that life that shifts between the personal and the personal. The impersonal, the particular and that of all and that is resolved in endless individuations is a valid empirical field for psychopathology and therapy.


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